Coming Soon…

My name is Ian. I’m a United States citizen, husband, father, gamer, thinker and dreamer in my late 20’s. I believe that our world, in its current state, absolutely needs a sort of renaissance. Our global society is too partisan, too segregated, and too consumed with greed and patriotism. I believe we, as individuals, are the best arbiters of change to make this world a more habitable place for all of us, not just those of us fortunate enough to be born into developed countries, a rich family, or of the ‘right’ race.

I believe that through sharing our ideas, our beliefs, our art and our dreams, we can better sculpt our world into something genuinely good. I’ll get more in-depth as I post, but these are my general beliefs.

I want to build a community through this blog with the purpose of sharing those things with each other, and ways to make the world, or even a small part of our lives more enriched.

Together, we can evolve our world.